Monday, December 22, 2008

Gulf shores Alabama or orange beach is an ideal vacation places

If you planning for your summer vacation, Gulf shores Alabama or orange beach is an ideal vacation places for you and your family to escape the hot weather in town. Alabama Gulf shores is one of the best seaside resorts. Besides of its beautiful white sandy beach and the green water its also offers many interests places to visits such as Gulf state park, Fort Morgan, Dauphin Island and the lake Shelby. Alabama never forget the golf players, it has nice golf courses where you can enjoy the afternoon game while your children playing with the cool water in the water park.

During night time explore the beautiful cozy bars
which open till the wee hours. See the girls dancing while you enjoy the cold beers or a glass of red wine. Good restaurant serving western and Chinese crusine. Seafood are very fresh with chef specialist sauce. Along the roads there are many shops selling souvenir and gifts for you to take home.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A week vacation in gulf shores in Alabama Gulf coast and orange beach

A week vacation in gulf shores in Alabama Gulf coast and orange beach was not enough for our whole family. The beautiful scenery, the white sand along the mile stretch beach and the clean, and crystal water make your day at beach and in the water a wonderful passed time. Sometimes if you are lucky enough you can watch celebrity shooting picture or famous model doing modeling. Rest in the hotel arm chairs on the sand under the shape of an umbrella watching kids playing and beautiful ladies in fancy and colorful bikini strolling by.

Further up there are state parks where you can explore the nature beautiful park like the Bon Secore National wildlife refuge. Listening to the beautiful sound and the colorful of the bird. Over to there you can do some hiking or even you can rent a line to do some fishing. At the Minamac wildflower Bog which is open to all tourist you can smell the flower or admire the beautiful flower.

In the lovely towns you can rent a bike or a roller blades and explore the whole town and get a souvenir back home for remembrance or a gift to your love one or friends. If you are hungry just pop in to one of the restaurant and get your favorite food items. At night have a few glass of beers at one of the lounge watching young couples dancing or enjoy your favorite song plays by their club band. Most of the lounge is open until the wee hours.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Gulf shores Alabama is an ideal place to have a vacation

Gulf shores Alabama is an ideal place to have a vacation or to escape the busy life in big city and town. Gulf shores as described by many as a pleasure Island which is well renowned of its white soft sand and its warm water. When sunset arrived you can watch the beautiful colors of the sky and shorebirds flying home to their nest.

Finding a place to stay may it be a hotel or a condominiums it was not much of a problem as Gulf shores Alabama or Orange beach has many condominiums for a big family or small family of four to five. The rates of rent condominium depends on the seasons with kitchen to cook your food. Multi story hotels alone the beach where you can book through internet online or through your home tourist center. Most tourist company are giving package tour for a small family or even a group tours.

If you love shopping, there are many shopping centers where you and your family can spend endless time buying your favorite items. Places such as Bayon Village offers a lots of shopping items and arts. Night fall drop in to any bars with a cool nice beers open till the wee hours. If you are beach lovers Gulf shores Alabama or Orange beach is the choice of most tourist and locals.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A vacation at Gulf shores, Alabama

Gulf shores, Alabama is one of the best places if you planned for your honeymoon vacation or a vacation with your family for holidays or relaxation. Gulf shores has many attraction places for your whole family or you can set out for a adventure sports. If you like the sound of the waves, Gulf shores, Alabama is the right place for you and your family. There are miles of white sands alone the coast and the water are crystal clear and warm.

There are many beautiful hotels and condo along the beach for you to stays. During the low seasons the price of the room rate or a condo for your family is quite reasonable and cheap. The hotels offer to their guest gym room and game room for the children. You can walk down the street to get some souvenir home as a remembrance or a beer at night at the lounge. Gulf Shores has everything you need for a memorable and exciting holidays.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Gulf shores an ideal place for a family vacation

Gulf shores a place for relax after a year hard job. It is consider one of the best holiday vacation in USA with its beautiful white sandy beaches. There are many big and beautiful hotels along the beaches with the price depends on the seasons. If you do not like to stay in the hotel you can rent a condo or a big apartment for your family.

In the afternoon you can relax on a armchairs and under the shape of colourful umbrella supply by the hotels. Enjoy the cool breeze and watching children running and playing on the sand and inside the sea, ladies with beautiful shape and colourful bikini strolling by. If you like fishing there are many marinas which will take care for you and your family with all fishing and boating equipment. If you are hungry just drops into a sandwich shop or one of the restaurant.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gulf shores a beautiful place for vacation

Gulf shores a beautiful place for vacation and relaxzation, Gulf Shores also has many intriguing lodging options. You can book a luxury condos with three bed rooms, dinner, living room and also a kitchen which you can cooked your own foods if you are holiday in group or with your family and relatives or friends. Other you can rent apartment just for your family or a hotel with your wife.

Gulf shores are famous for its beautiful sandy white beaches and a place for holidays makers during weekends. There many good restaurant which served western and chinese crusine and a variety types of wine to suit your food. If you like seafood very much there many good restaurant serving the best seafood that you will never resist. If you like shopping there are many place, along the roadside or shopping complex selling a varity of things that you can take home as soviernor.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Alabama a paradise place for tourist

Gulf shores is one of a tourist vacation in USA. Gulf Shores is the only two resort cities with has a large beach, Alabama is one of the city of a seaside resorts which the place is devoted to beachfronts hotel, condominiums, vacation houses for tourists, shopping complex and with beautiful restaurants. On the north side town located on the highway 59 is Jack Edwards Airports.

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach both host a sizable population of "Snowbirds" primarily from the upper midwestern states. The Alabama Gulf Coast beach is renowned for its bright, "sugar white" sand. Gulf Shores is well known for an abundance of gulf coast seafood dining, excellent fishing, watersports and an unpretentious, deep-south culture. During the summer the gulf shores of Alabama was full with tourist, locals and beautiful models. The beach is beautiful with colourful of umbrealla mushroom up. Girls with pretty bikini and children playing with sands.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

gulf shores a vacation to remmember

South beach resourts which is rich in heritage and situated along the gulf shores. A special place for vacation where families, holidays makers and people will gather around every time during long holidays, spring time or on a special occasion and carnivals. Take a nice pictures in the morning and evening during the sunrise and sunset of the gulf shores.

During day time you past your times on the beautiful shores or watching people swimming, children playing with sand or beautiful ladies strolling along the beach with their best bikini. There are many restaurant serving good foods, from western food, fast food to asian foods. Night falls spent it at the bars or lounge and most of this bars are open to wee hours.

When you're at The Beach Club or shopping complex enjoy the convenience of on-property shopping. From groceries, gourmet deli items, beer, and wine, skincare products and shops selling children, baby, ladies and gents dresses and if you are jewellery, perfume or glasses lovers there are many shops that can sue your hobby.

Friday, May 11, 2007

A day tour at Gulf Shores

Gulf shores Alabama offers holiday makers a high quality and beautiful beaches. Its also had a handful of fun game such as volley ball and beach bum for the children and the youngsters to play while the adults can enjoy them playing when relaxing on the beach chairs under the shape of a beach unbrella. The youngster has more things to enjoy, there got places where you can consider renting a bike and ride around the small town or roller blades for them to ski.

For those who like fishing, along the shore of gulf shores there are few shops that will take care of your fishing equipments or you can hire a boat to do your fishing. There are many intresting places waiting for you and your family and friends such as Bon Secore, A National Wildlife Refuge a place where you can admire the beautiful birds or hike up the mountain. For flowers lovers the Minamac Wildflower Bog is open to everbody where one can admire the beautiful thousands of difference kinds of flower and plants.

Gulf Shores also has many intriguing lodging options. Quaint beach front houses and luxury condos make excellent alternatives to standard hotel accommodations. If you feel hungry there are many good restaurant offer you Asian, Western and fast food to serve you.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Planning to stay in Gulf Shores, Alabama

If planning to move, Gulf Shores, Alabama is one place to consider as its many high rise tower condos overlooking the beautiful sandy stretches beach, the sparkling white sand, emerald-green water in Gulf Shores, Alabama and beside it has many recreational adventures recreational adventures. Gulf Shores is a best place for relaxation and family entertainment. The the cost of living is reasonable, and the soothing sounds of the surf will make your sleep sound in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach.

Staying in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach you will find it a wonderful place to called home as the crime is very low and even education problem for your kids are not to be worried as its University in southern Alabama and school in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach. Down to town as its take a few minutes drive, you can enjoy many types and kind of food and some night club opens until wee hours. Shopping and buying as there are many department store and shops complex